Last updated date: 23 November 2019

Privacy policy

an introduction
Thank you for your confidence in the tourist cloud company to organize trips and our website, Saudi-Tours. This privacy policy aims to help you understand what data we collect and process about you, the reasons for collecting and processing it, the limits of that, the limits of its participation and the disclosure controls, And how to update and delete it.

Please read this policy carefully before using the app, and the policy contains the following items:

First: Definitions

First: definitions
In this policy, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the meanings indicated.
“Saudi Tours”, “The Site”, “We”, “The Conscience of the Talker” or “The Conscience of Ownership”: Saudi refers to the Saudi Tourism Company for organizing tourist trips in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
“User”, “you” or “conscience of the addressee”: means the person who visits the site, uses it, or registers membership of the site.
“Tourist” refers to every person who requests tourism trips that tour guides and tour operators organize through the “Saudi Tours” website.
“Trip” refers to the trip that a tourist requests to book through the site, which is organized by guides or tour operators.
“Trip supervisor” refers to tour guides and tour operators who register on the site and add their own cruises through it.
The “Policy” refers to this document and the terms and conditions it contains.
“Data” refers to data that is collected from the user or that it provides to us or that is collected from the devices that he uses to connect to the site or that related to the visit and use of the site.

How did you hear about us? “Optional”: Google Search, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Refer Friends.
(3) Data for booking flights through the site, which include (the trip chosen by the tourist, the day of the trip, the names of tourists and their companions, and their passport numbers).
(4) Tourist contact information which includes (full name, email, phone number, country, address).
(5) Invoice issuance data through the website, which includes (full name, email, phone number, country, address).
(6) Any information the tourist provides us with through the means of communication through the site.
(7) Electronic payment data that the tourist uses in the process of paying for trips that he booked through the site.
(8) The data you provide to us when you report a problem on the site.
(9) The data that you provide to us when a problem occurs with the electronic payment process for the sums owed to you.
(10) The data you provide to us when you contact us or our customers for any reason.
(11) The data you provide to us while you are evaluating the services you received through our website.
(12) The data we consider necessary to verify your identity or to verify the validity and legality of any operations you perform on the website, including a copy of your passport, or a copy of your national identity.

Cookies are text files that are stored on your device when you visit some web pages, and these cookies will not harm your device, they are used as follows:
(1) Cookies are used for the purpose of providing information. For example, on Saudi Arabia Travels, some of the cookies we use help us identify and fix errors.
(2) Some cookies help you remember the pages and forms you see when you visit our site.
(3) Cookies are aimed at improving the experience of the Saudi Arabian travel site every time you visit.
(4) There are cookies for pages published on our site that are not affiliated with us, such as the YouTube video content of, and you know and agree that we do not control the cookies of such sites and you have to enter these sites and see the policies they follow.
(5) You can change your cookie preferences by entering your browser settings and choosing the one that is right for you.


Fourth: copyright protection system

I pledge to fully inform me of the copyright protection system issued by Royal Decree No. M / 41 on Rajab 2, 1424 AH
Amended by Council of Ministers Resolution No. The company disclaims all responsibility for my personal violations in the copyright and intellectual property rights system.  Click Here for Download

We are always committed to protecting your privacy, and accordingly we use your personal data for the following purposes:
(1) To enable you to use our services optimally, and to always provide the best for you.
(2) To create your account or profile that you communicate with us through the site.
(3) To process the data you provide through our services, such as making sure that your email or phone number is active, usable, and owned by you.
(4) To enable you to book trips through the site, pay for the reservation, provide a flight supervisor with your data, and communicate with you about following up on trips that you benefit from through the site and that the trip supervisor has taken any required actions.
(5) To communicate within the limits of our cancellation policy and to process and respond to your cancellation request.
(6) To receive questions, complaints and inquiries from you, and respond to them.
(7) To receive and respond to your comments and ratings for the service you received through our website.
(8) To address your answers to the questionnaires submitted through the site that you participated in answering them.
(9) To provide you with information about services and trips that you request via our website.
(10) To provide you with information on flights that we believe are of interest to you, including our offers.
(11) For internal business purposes such as improving our services.
(12) To customize the content, recommendations and ads that we and third parties provide to you, whether on services or anywhere else on the internet.
(13) to contact you about government communications, and at our own discretion, regarding changes to the privacy policy, terms of use, or any of our other policies.
(14) To comply with regulatory and legal obligations.
(15) For the purposes that are disclosed at the time your information is provided, with your consent, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

(16) That we have the right to marketing the added trips and the tracks are their ownership of the platform and the guide has no right to claim any amount of money or property rights from publishing and marketing the tracks

Visas are issued by a trip supervisor, and a trip supervisor will be fully responsible for obtaining the visa, and the tourist authorizes a trip supervisor to deal with government agencies and provide all required papers and documents on behalf of the tourist.

(1) The site undertakes to keep your personal or banking data for the period required by the nature of the transaction you make via the site.
(2) The site undertakes not to deal with your personal data for purposes that are not authorized or permitted in return or free of charge with any other party unless this is required of us or authorized by the relevant regulations and instructions, or with the prior written approval of the user to whom the information relates.
(3) The site undertakes to maintain records that contain the user’s personal data or any records of electronic communications, which are in our custody, under our control, or with our agents or employees.
(4) The site undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure that the user’s personal data and related records are protected in a security manner appropriate to their importance.
(5) You know and agree that the internet is not a secure method, and that the confidentiality of your personal data cannot be fully guaranteed.
(6) We, on our part, undertake to the extent permitted by law not to disclose your confidential data or use it in contravention of your right to privacy.
(7) We pledge not to trade your data or sell it to others

(1) You give us the right to allow our employees to handle your personal data within the limits of providing services.
(2) We may disclose your personal data to any member of our group, which means our branches and institutions.
(3) We may disclose the reservation information you provided to us for the tour operators contracting with us for the purposes of presenting the trip to you and complete any required procedures.
(4) We may disclose your personal data to third parties:
In the event that we sell assets from our institution, or enter partners with us, here we disclose your data to the buyer or the new partner.
The entities that share with us provide services to protect from credit risk, fraud and electronic piracy.
If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to protect the rights and property or the safety of the “Saudi Tours” website, our employees or others.
(5) We may disclose your personal data to comply with legal or contractual obligations in the following cases:
If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation or to enforce or apply our terms and conditions or any other agreement.
In the event of a judicial ruling or decision issued by the competent judicial authorities, we are obligated to do so.
In the event of a decision by the public authorities, we are obligated to do so.

(1) We have the right to amend our privacy policy at any time, and we will post a general notice via the website and email of the new amendments, and we will update the “last update date” above this document.
(2) Your continued use of the site after updating this policy is your express consent to these modifications and legal acceptance of the new practices and provisions.
(3) If you do not agree with the new amendments and updates, you must immediately stop using the site.
(4) Please review the Privacy Policy from time to time to view its provisions and updates.

You can contact us at any time:
Email address: [email protected] or via the parent company website



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